by Writhing

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released January 17, 2012

Recorded, Engineered, Mixed and Mastered by Joshua Wickman at Dreadcore Productions
Cover artwork by Jon Zig

All music © 2012 Writhing



all rights reserved


Writhing Detroit, Michigan

Creating a sound more akin to classic acts such as Deicide and Malevolent Creation, as opposed to many of their contemporaries, Writhing takes the genre back to its roots while simultaneously bringing forth elements of thrash, grind, and doom. Expect downtuned riffing, blistering blastbeats, and battered eardrums. ... more

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Track Name: Indomitable
Your body laid to rest in a concrete graveyard. Brought forth an immolation-food for the gods of this world.
Wakened by the screaming madness. All rise for the day of reckoning.
Dead eyes moving forward with ravenous haste.

A failed experiment-atrocity. A bastard child of the powers that be. Forward marching behemoth, unstoppable rotting machine.
Sentinels of a cold new world.

Streets filled with the blood of a thousand dying children. Littered with the remnants of an obsolete society. Fear present in every eye, panic stricken is every heart. We were born into the crosshairs of an inevitable end.

Wakened by the sounds of madness. Rising from beneath the ruins.

The sun will never rise. Thrown to the blackest days. These dead eyes moving forward seeking their redemption.
Track Name: Death Of Your Dream
Have you ever seen yourself in a broken mirror? Have you ever listened to your thoughts cry deep within your soul?

This heart burns with hatred. Hatred for the weakness of your kind.
And these hands will rip apart the walls of lies that you hide behind.

I'll be the death of your dream. Your perfect world- shattered.

As the hours pass. As the last grain falls. I will be biding my time. Then I'll erase this all.

God of a world stripped of shame. I'll be the death of your dream.


Have you ever swallowed your own words and choked on the bitter lies?
These hands will rip apart the walls of lies that you hide behind
Track Name: Prey
This is the day. She's waited for this moment. The stars have aligned, the hour approaches let this night commence.

She's mesmerized by a hypnotic gaze as he takes her hand and leads her away.

With a trickster's guile he will promise her all she's longed to have for so many years.

A blackened heart, a twisted mind, masked by beautiful lies- cunning whispers.

Serpentine embrace. He's waited for this moment. She falls into his grip.

As these fingers curl into her hair like maggots through rotting flesh, she submits herself all too easily.

Kill me once. Kiss me soflty. Take this body as your puppet slave.

Kiss me once. Kill me slowly. Bury me within your shallow grave.

She was mesmerized by a hypnotic gaze as he took her hand and led her away. She's a marionette moving at his will. Slave eternal.

Another hapless victim lay at his feet. Another sapid soul at his beckoning.